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New Leaf Family
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Brandy FoscoBrandy Fosco
14:29 17 May 24
Awesome people! Thank you very much guys! Marc H Schtul and patti are the best.
Brian RegerBrian Reger
16:07 16 May 24
Very smooth process and worked well to achieve an amicable solution.
Stephanie LeoneStephanie Leone
19:46 15 May 24
I really liked this firm to help with my divorce. They were up front about fees which helped me to better budget financially. The teams were great and easily accessible. They were also there to listen and advise through the anxiety of it all and prepare me for what to expect. Online video conferencing would have been easier if the emailed link would have gone to my Outlook calendar. But then could have been me and my own challenges!
Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez
17:31 14 May 24
The experience was very good, there was a lot of communication, the lawyer Marc understands what you want to do and where you want to go apart from being a very good person, I also had very good communication with his paralegal Vanesa, she understands Spanish very well, we were able to understand each other very good, they helped me with everything and thank you very much, I really recommend them if you are looking for a good lawyer Marc and Vanesa make a good team
Zach SchelvanZach Schelvan
11:23 13 May 24
I had never needed to retain counsel. This was a first for me, and I was lost. Working with Lynne Milford was incredibly calming. On several occasions her wisdom and insight likely saved me from acting irrationally and potentially jeopardizing or harming my case. She reminded me to breathe when needed. She was direct when needed, even if it meant I might not like what she had to say, she knew when I needed to hear the hard things. She never faltered.If you are looking for counsel in order to protect yourself above all others, Lynne may not actually be right for you. However if the family court process is foreign to your top priority is the best interest and well-being of your children; you will be hard pressed to find anyone who fight harder for your family.Lynne, For The Win!!!
21:16 30 Apr 24
I absolutely loved speaking with Jacqueline. She's empathetic, lighthearted, and just a good human being. Our conversation was devoid of judgment; she made me feel like we'd known each other for years. I'm genuinely looking forward to working with New Leaf Family because of her. Jacqueline is undeniably a great asset to the team.
Samantha KingSamantha King
06:32 05 Apr 24
Amber helped me significantly and not only that, but guided me through my legal journey. I would recommend 100%!! Ashleigh was amazing as well. They were both very communicative and professional. I have had many of lawyers and it was relieving that I had an attorney that was so genuine about her work and her clients. I will be using New Leaf Family Law if I ever need help with family court again. Thank you for everything.
Eric EslichEric Eslich
18:25 13 Mar 24
Thanks for your support and valuable information!
15:37 06 Mar 24
I was on the fence initially with this law firm, but with most divorce cases they are an emotional and stressful time. Shelly and her team really helped guide me though the whole process with constant communication and help. With the easy to pay web-based portal and the constant reminders it made the financials manageable. Shelly listened to my concerns and worked to make sure the outcome that I wanted to come to fruition happen. Through the dedication of the firm and myself we were able to achieve something that most thought would be impossible. I cannot recommend Shelly and her team enough; you will be well taken care of and in good intelligent hands.
Lisa DavisLisa Davis
17:04 05 Mar 24
Lynn is incredibly talented and is truly passionate about what she does. Lynn immediately made me feel welcomed and comfortable during our time working together. She is knowledgeable and has years of experience which offered helpful conversations and creative ways to navigate the issue we were working through. I am truly thankful for Lynn’s positive personality and her desire to lead with respect and grace. Would highly recommend her and would work with Lynn again in a heartbeat. She made a not so fun process much more enjoyable than I would have ever imagined.
Ronnie MartinezRonnie Martinez
16:20 01 Mar 24
Shelly is amazing! Everything you want/need in a lawyer. I highly recommend her and will do so. Job well done.
Mr. BirdsMr. Birds
08:22 21 Feb 24
New Leaf was fantastic. They took my case even though it was oddly unique (being stationed overseas) and we're very flexible with the time differences. They were very professional and amazing people to worth with. Aggressive when it mattered most. Most important was how much thought and care they put into their work and into my case. It was an absolute pleasure and I would gladly work with them again if the need ever arose! Thank you again.
WISP MasterWISP Master
13:02 05 Feb 24
Compared to my previous attorney, New Leaf Family was a refreshing change. I was in the midst of a difficult custody battle filled with false accusations. Other attorneys had turned down my specific requests, but New Leaf was willing to take on the challenging task. Marc and Jenny made me feel at ease and confident about the desired outcome. The entire firm seemed to be on my side, supporting me in winning my case. They even took care of sealing the criminal case related to the false accusations, which my previous criminal attorneys had failed to do. This was an unexpected and valuable service, as I was unaware that it had not been properly sealed.We attempted mediation, but my child's mother remained resistant, resulting in a trial. Marc excelled in his performance, effectively communicating his points and securing a favorable outcome for me. I achieved my desired outcome of sharing custody of my child equally, 50/50.New leaf offers a predictable monthly price, unlike my previous attorney who would randomly ask for more money, causing financial strain. With new leaf, the cost is lower and the payment setup is easier to manage. I will use new leaf for all my family law matters going forward.
Peggy CordovaPeggy Cordova
20:20 28 Aug 23
She really helped alot, there would be times I was ready to give but she kept me going. I would definitely use her services again.
Russell OnoRussell Ono
03:23 25 Aug 23
Marc Schtul with New Leaf Family is a highly skilled and experienced family law attorney and did an excellent job handling my divorce mediation. He prevented my ex-wife's attorney from "raking me over the coals". On multilple occasions during my mediation, he countered what my ex-wife's attorney was trying to do and the outcome was favorable to me. I feel like I ended up not getting the "short end of the stick" because of his actions. I would recommend Marc Schtul to any of my family or friends that would need a family law attorney. In fact, I mentioned his name to a coworker that was dealing with a family law issue herself. New Leaf Family allowed me to finance my legal fees too!
I helped my father with Alzheimer's retain a lawyer for a complicated divorce case. We have been working with Shelly Dill for about 8 months and she, along with the whole team, were incredible! She was very through and patient with my father as he was under a lot of stress. We were able to negotiate a deal with his younger EX wife who was trying to take advantage of his medical condition and his money. To put it lightly, we WON! Everything we wanted and more! The communication was excellent, and Shelly or her team even responded on the weekends and evenings! You get more then you pay for with this law firm!I have already recommended Shelly and her team to more then one person and wouldn't think twice about hiring her again.Thanks Guys! Chris and Christina C
Tawnya WilliamsTawnya Williams
07:23 15 Aug 23
I am truly grateful for New Leaf Family. They made a the very difficult,hard and lengthy divorce process comprehensible. The staff at New Leaf Family were very professional, courteous and always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. Their knowledge and expertise was very helpful and I’m very happy with the outcome. Mr. Anderson, I want to personally thank you for EVERYTHING! Best wishes and blessings to everyone at New Leaf Family.
Niki LNiki L
02:38 10 Aug 23
Amber and the team at New Leaf are very knowledgeable, and excellent with communication and support. I highly recommend them, and am grateful for working with them.
Christina SChristina S
01:55 28 Jul 23
I stumbled across New Leaf in my search for an attorney for our messed up, very convoluted, case. Shelly Dill and her staff have been AMAZING!! It was a rocky start but mostly because of the (my) feelings towards the case and how far fetched everything seemed. Shelly talked me off the ledge multiple times, calmed me while crying, and kept me going when I wanted to give up! She went to bat for us time and time again. I have gained a lot of respect for this company throughout our time working together. Although I am glad to be able to say we’re done paying for attorney fees, I will be sad and miss the support system Shelly and her team provided to me and my family. We love you guys so much and wish all the best to you and your staff! ❣️❣️
Jenny ArmentaJenny Armenta
18:54 14 Jun 23
Hello,I fortunately found New Leaf on Google. I truly believe it was fate. As I signed up to get more information, the next day I had received a call from Jacqueline (A bilingual paralegal). Since then, I have had consistent communication. She is so knowledgeable in this field and I am just so thankful that I stumbled across her, have been having her at the reach of a call or text. It made me feel better as Jacqueline had told me she was familiar with a case like mine. I had relive as I had someone who understood me. All questions I've had she been able to humbly answer and explain and overall, honesty is her main trait. Everyone here at New Leaf is so amazing, I believe they are fighting in my corner. I can’t thank you enough for your persistence in our upcoming case. New Leaf Family is affordable. From the first virtual meeting with Christopher Anderson, I felt that this team would fight for me and my daughter. Thankful for you all and I would recommend this Law Firm to anyone. You wont regret working with New Leaf Family. (Jefferson County)
Todd LightTodd Light
03:51 02 Jun 23
From start to finish, New Leaf Family has been thorough and professional. Amber McClain and her team have always helped me through any issues with my case. They are excellent at responding quickly when I need to contact them, too. I've had a great experience with them, and have already recommended them to others.
tresment smithtresment smith
22:52 22 May 23
I could not recommend Ms. Dill and her team more! I reached out to her for assistance when my daughter had issues with her university contract. We were under the assumption that when my daughter decided to attend a school closer to home and informed the school of this decision that we were clear of financial obligations to that university. Apparently the school thought otherwise. When the bills started rolling in from a college she did not attend, we knew we needed assistance.Shelly and her team, Wendy and Dylan, were amazing from the beginning and walked us through each step of the process. They were in constant contact with my daughter and I and ensured that we understood each step and why we were taking that step.They waded through the process with the bureaucratic institution where we were in over our heads. It was amazing to feel supported and backed up by Shelly throughout the entire process. She, Wendy, and Dylan helped us to get those fees dropped and now my daughter can continue her education as planned here closer to home.Thank you Shelly, Wendy, and Dylan for all your help. My daughter and I would have been lost without your support, kindness, and commitment.
17:55 18 Nov 22
I met with Shelly Dill years ago through Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center while seeking representation for a permanent protection order in a domestic violence case with my now ex-husband of which Shelly helped me to have that order made permanent.My case involved a lot of violence that was over a 25 plus years of my marriage. Shelly understood immediately the trauma I had experienced and was still experiencing after coming forward after so many years of abuse.Recently, I've been reconnected with Shelly and New Leaf Family attorneys for the same matter and again Shelly and New Leaf Staff represented me having again helped me to receive a favorable order and thus continuing my safety in this issue. She's made sure to follow up with me to assure I continue to live my life to its fullest.If you're just coming forward, in a domestic violence case or seeking a permanent protection order, then I highly recommend Shelly Dill with New Leaf Family. Thank you to all staff for helping me in this matter. God bless you always,Sincerely,Deanna
Mayluck DaadieMayluck Daadie
08:58 04 Nov 22
Shelly Dill, for me is a divine intervention.I had never needed a lawyer before and had no idea what to look for in choosing a lawyer. She was the first lawyer I met with and I was so impressed with her knowledge of the subject and her easy going manner that was my choice. She did not fail me and I’m so happy that she represented me. She is amazing attorney and if anyone is in need for lawyer I highly recommend Shelly Dill and her team.
Nicole MartinezNicole Martinez
01:35 04 Aug 22
New Leaf Family will not disappoint! They truly care about you, work hard to make sure they accomplish the best outcome for you and your family, and are very clear/communicative. Amber McClain is the best of the best- she’s thorough, honest, personable, and so kind. She makes sure to always communicate every step of your process with you, and both she and her paralegal Ashleigh are never hard to reach. I have worked with Amber McClain twice now, and each time has been nothing but a pleasant experience. I won’t ever go anywhere else for help. I am so grateful to Amber and everyone at this firm! Definitely worth every cent!!
Christina CordovaChristina Cordova
12:21 08 Jun 22
My dad and I hired Shelly Dill and her team to help us fight a Protective order case against us and was able to get everything dismissed. The team was very thorough, knowledgeable, and comforting. This law team is worth every penny! We have also hired them to represent my father in his divorce next month and have full confidence that we are in good hands.

About New Leaf Family

A Family Law Firm For Your Kind Of Family.

If you are going through a change in your relationship, you do not have to go it alone. Many people, when faced with relationship and family conflict feel that their future has been taken out of their hands. Much of the time, the legal system takes advantage of this uncertainty, and leads people into high-conflict, high cost battles, which do little to build the next chapter of their lives.

We do things differently. While we have the experience and ability to defend you against the sharpest attack, we use that strength to empower you to make the right decisions for you and your family. Our process involves helping you determine what you really want and what matters most to you, so we can achieve the results that will make a positive difference in your life. Whether that means leading you through resolution or through divorce, we want to help you grow and feel confident in your choices.

At New Leaf Family, we provide the structure and process to help you best navigate the path toward Growth. Though trained as lawyers, we believe that the best outcomes are based on decisions made by those affected, rather than by a judge or court process.

Of course, sometimes people just can’t reach an agreement. Sometimes feelings are too hurt on one side or the other. Sometimes there are pragmatic factors in life that no amount of creative problem solving can overcome. Sometimes the other person just won’t come to the table in the first place. Whatever the reason, when it does become apparent that advocacy is necessary, we’ve got your back. Unlike many advocates, our focus remains on finding a working, lasting resolution, not making multiple nerve-wracking court appearances intended to prolong the process. Too often the outcome in court is that even when you “win” you lose, whether because the children have been dragged through the court process, the resulting decision is not what’s best for the children, or both sides have had to spend way too much money for no good reason.

Work with a law firm that does things differently. Our approach at every turn is to empower you to find the right solution for you … and your family. We also realize that our clients don’t come to us about legal issues; they come to us about deeply personal family issues that intersect with the law, and we respond accordingly.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation. If you are considering divorce, call today to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced, helpful Colorado family attorneys! Our lawyers will advocate for your best interests.

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Client Reviews

First of all going through a divorce is a very challenging time to say the least. I researched thoroughly to find the right match, well I had no doubt New Leaf Family was my match instantly. I felt the bond instantly that I could trust them going forward. Not only very knowledgeable and professional but caring who you are. Can’t say enough good things about Christopher Anderson, Amber McClain and Ashleigh Jarrett-Wood, my main contacts through out the proceedings. Looking back I cannot imagine going into this battle without their expertise. I actually came out of this feeling very good about everything. Take this advice first hand if your seeking a top notch firm, New Leaf Family is my personal Law Firm for anything life throws at me and should be your 1st choice!
Keith V.

Ashleigh, the paralegal has such great communication with the clients and goes above and beyond to get things done thoroughly and quickly. Patrick, my attorney, was absolutely wonderful. My marriage was a pretty stick my situation all around, but his knowledge and communication set me at ease. Everything went better than I could have expected and also happened much faster than anticipated. He was up front about each situation that came up and made sure all the t’s & I’s were dotted & crossed. I haven’t ever been so relieved in my life and it’s thanks to this entire team and their work. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS PAINFUL PROCESS PAINLESS! I appreciate you all more than you can know.
Holly B.

I went looking for good counsel on a complicated topic and the whole team was kind, patient, attentive, made me feel welcome and never rushed. Then I met with Chris, and 30 minutes with him was better than any and all the legal consults or opinions I have had over the years combined. Not only was he solid in his legal view and experience, but he communicated with clarity and made my options easy to understand. I cannot say enough good things about this office.
Jonathan E.

Wonderful agency, I’m 74 and Mr. Anderson was patient kind and thoroughly explained ever detail. I consider this agency a God send.
Gene W.

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