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At New Leaf Family, we know it can be challenging to make the right choices in difficult times. We empower our clients to make the best legally binding decisions for themselves and their families. Our goal is to help you arrive at a reasonable resolution!


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Deciding how much time each parent will spend with the children is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce or other custody matters. Trust a law firm that does things differently – that realizes that child custody is not just a legal issue, but a deeply personal issue that affects you, the other parent, and the children. Our work with you begins with clarifying what is most important to you, and what you want for your family. We will help you and your family arrive at a child custody arrangement that truly makes sense and that is in the best interest of your child! Our Colorado child custody lawyers will empower you to make the right decisions and feel confident in your choices.

If you are seeking joint or sole custody, or if you do not know exactly what it is you want, call today (or click here) to schedule a free virtual case evaluation with our compassionate child custody lawyers! We will advocate for your best interests, taking into account details like your living situation, financial support, and more. We charge affordable, predictable monthly fees, so anxiety about paying for quality legal help isn’t on your list of worries! Let us guide you and your children towards a more peaceful future.

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Client Reviews

First of all going through a divorce is a very challenging time to say the least. I researched thoroughly to find the right match, well I had no doubt New Leaf Family was my match instantly. I felt the bond instantly that I could trust them going forward. Not only very knowledgeable and professional but caring who you are. Can’t say enough good things about Christopher Anderson, Amber McClain and Ashleigh Jarrett-Wood, my main contacts through out the proceedings. Looking back I cannot imagine going into this battle without their expertise. I actually came out of this feeling very good about everything. Take this advice first hand if your seeking a top notch firm, New Leaf Family is my personal Law Firm for anything life throws at me and should be your 1st choice!
Keith V.

Ashleigh, the paralegal has such great communication with the clients and goes above and beyond to get things done thoroughly and quickly. Patrick, my attorney, was absolutely wonderful. My marriage was a pretty stick my situation all around, but his knowledge and communication set me at ease. Everything went better than I could have expected and also happened much faster than anticipated. He was up front about each situation that came up and made sure all the t’s & I’s were dotted & crossed. I haven’t ever been so relieved in my life and it’s thanks to this entire team and their work. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS PAINFUL PROCESS PAINLESS! I appreciate you all more than you can know.
Holly B.

I went looking for good counsel on a complicated topic and the whole team was kind, patient, attentive, made me feel welcome and never rushed. Then I met with Chris, and 30 minutes with him was better than any and all the legal consults or opinions I have had over the years combined. Not only was he solid in his legal view and experience, but he communicated with clarity and made my options easy to understand. I cannot say enough good things about this office.
Jonathan E.

Wonderful agency, I’m 74 and Mr. Anderson was patient kind and thoroughly explained ever detail. I consider this agency a God send.
Gene W.

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