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A Pre-Marital Agreement (Pre-Nup) Can Be the Foundation of a Strong Marriage

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Some people feel that pre-nups are not romantic. For us, nothing is sexier than learning how to speak, openly and honestly with the person with whom we will share our lives. At New Leaf Family, we work with our clients to be effective decision makers for themselves and their family. A good prenuptial agreement comes from a place of Love.


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Pre-nuptial agreements can serve as a good tool to help a marriage get off to a great start. ‘Pre-nups,’ as they are known, can actually help a couple start their marriage from a healthier place, more ready to tackle the challenges that always come. Prenups can provide peace of mind, clear expectations, and head off future problems. They can protect a spouse from the other’s debts or protect an individual’s interest in a family business. There are multiple reasons why pre-nuptial agreements can be a great idea before marriage!

If you believe that your marriage could benefit from this type of legal agreement, our prenuptial lawyers will help you evaluate what you really want and empower you to make decisions that will have a positive impact on your life and the life of your family. They will guide you through every step of the process and paperwork, and truly care about your life outcome! Call now to schedule a free, virtual case evaluation with New Leaf Family.

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